Mounting Instructions

3 Super Easy Steps!

1. Clean placement area on dash with rubbing alcohol.

2. Wipe underside of the radar detector with rubbing alcohol.

3. Place the Magic Mat on your dash, press it down firmly and set the radar detector on top.  That's it!

You Will Be Amazed!

No More suction cups to fall off your window!

No More Glue or Velcro on your dash!

No more funky looking bean bags or ugly clamps!
Does not block your vision!

Just place the radar detector Magic Mat where you want it and set your radar detector on top! The super strong grip of the Magic Mat will keep your radar detector exactly where you put it!

The Best Radar Detector Mount Is Really Very Simple!

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Thank You. 

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with the purchase of this radar detector mounting mat simply return it to us within 30 days and we will refund your purchase price. No questions asked.

Amazing Radar Detector  Mount  -  Magic Dashboard Mount 

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See For Yourself How Easy It Is To Install and How Well it Adheres to Your Dashboard.

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Only $6.98!

No Sticky Mess or Residue!

Easy to remove and washable!

Don't just take our word for it, read what our buyers are saying...

"You can't beat the functionality for the price! Great radar detector mount"

- Busch97

"Sticks like glue, but no glue! This mat is by far the easiest way to place your radar detector on your dash and keep it from moving around."

- F. M. Scott

"Like a lot of people have already posted, this thing sticks like magic! I found a perfect spot on the dashboard of my Corvette, placed my Escort 9500ix on top of the pad and bingo it stayed! It's been GREAT!"
- K.H Gains

"How can it be? Hard to explain just how well this small little piece of rubber has worked out for me. It holds my radar detector snug and has not moved AT ALL since I put it in. Get ya one. You won't be disappointed!"

- M Gilbert

"I'm surprised at how well this actually works. After the first day of use I decided to move it to a different place on the dash. It peeled up easily without leaving a residue and stuck just as well on it's new location. Even though my dashboard is highly curved, the pad is really only only able to grip a small portion of the radar detector's underside, it has never shifted position even slightly. This is the perfect solution for me.

- LCadaver

"This has been working well after having been moved between 2 different cars several times over the last 3 months now. No more need for the Velcro on my dash that I used to use and no need for suction cups to the windshield that pop off and are illegal in many states. The radar detector stays where you put it. Period."

- Kaz

"This product does not disappoint. It is a tacky plastic pad, probably silicone material, with a texture that grips the dash and underside of the radar detector. It works great and is easily removable and does not leave behind any visible residue on the dash. I really could not ask for better performance."


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